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Armstrong Cross *

Robert Casey *

Franklin Hibbs *

Phil Daly*

Hinton Hurff, Sr. (1994)

Vernon Stuart, Sr., CCE (1995)*

Mark Droughman, Jr. *

Brian Marlowe, CCE (2000)

C. H. Doherty, Jr. (2003)*

Mike Doherty (2006)

Jimmy Stuart (2013)

David Gilliam (2016)

Steve Gillespie (2022)

*Denotes Deceased

How to Nominate Someone for the Distinguished Cemeterian Award:

  1. Distinguished Cemeterian Award should be awarded at least once every five years.
  2. Distinguished Cemeterian Award can only be awarded to one individual each period.
  3. Distinguished Cemeterian Award Recipient can be nominated by any past president.
  4. Distinguished Cemeterian Award can only be voted on by the past presidents of the VCA.
  5. Distinguished Cemeterian must go above and beyond the call of duty in representing the industry and the VCA.
  6. To nominate someone for the Distinguished Cemeterian Award– Please call the VCA office.

In Order to be Considered for the Distinguished Cemeterian Award, the Following Guidelines Must be Met:

  1. Distinguished Cemeterian must have been a Past President or Past Board Member of the VCA
  2. Distinguished Cemeterian must have owned or worked for a cemetery for over 25+ years.
  3. Distinguished Cemeterian must have been an active member in the VCA for at least 20 years.
  4. Distinguished Cemeterian must continue to be willing to be involved in the VCA through council or participation after leaving the industry through retirement.


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Membership with the VCA provides your company with many valuable benefits. We host educational and networking events each year with a large discount provided for our members. Supplier Members have the opportunity for advertising and sponsorships to promote their business.
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