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All committee members, including Board Members, are volunteers. Without the many people who have donated their time and energy, VCA would not exist. We invite you to join a committee, and welcome your assistance with making the VCA even better! Membership input is always valuable to any committee. Please feel free to let the chairpersons know your ideas and suggestions.

Consumer Protection Committee

The President shall appoint not less than three (3) Active Members of the Association. The committee shall receive and investigate complaints from consumers and intercede between the consumer and the cemetery for the purpose of negotiating an acceptable settlement between the two parties. The Chairman shall report to the Board of Directors all action taken at each Board meeting.

Ethics & Rules Committee

The President shall appoint not less than three (3) Active Members. The Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors proposed changes in the Code of Ethics or in the By-Laws of the Association and shall participate in the investigation of all complaints concerning membership conduct and recommend to the Board of Directors disciplinary action. Committee members analyze current by-laws and review ideas for new or amended by-laws. Committee meets once a year, and conducts meetings throughout the year via e-mail or telephone.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consist of the President, who is the chairman, the Vice President, and three (3) Directors chosen by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee performs all duties of the Board of Directors while the Board is not in session.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consist of the Treasurer and three (3) Active Members who shall be appointed by the President. The committee should meet in person once a year. The duties of the Finance Committee shall be to review all budget request and prepare a budget for approval of the Board of Directors, to prepare and present a current statement of the financial affairs of the Association at each regular meeting of the Board of Directors, to approve the expenditure of all amounts not included in the approved budget, and to supervise the annual audit of the Association. Any additional meetings needed during the year are conducted by telephone.

History Committee

The History Committee is responsible for the history of the Association to include but is not limited to the organization of association photo albums and membership records.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall be elected by the Active Members of the Association and will consist of three (3) Active Members. The Legislative Committee submits to the Board of Directors proposals for legislation which the Committee considers to be in the best interest of the cemeteries and the general public, and it recommends opposition to any proposed legislation believed harmful.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee consist of at least two (2) active members who are appointed by the President. All applications for membership shall be referred to the committee. The Committee will send application packets to all potential new members (cemeteries and suppliers). The Committee shall investigate the eligibility of an applicant for membership into the Association and recommend to the Board of Directors the desirability of accepting his application for membership. The Committee also encourages cemeteries in Virginia and qualified persons not belonging to the Association to submit applications for membership. This includes all suppliers within our industry. New ideas for recruiting and member retention will be discussed, along with updating application forms yearly.

Nominations Committee

Volunteers are needed to seek nominations for candidates for office prior to making the official ballot. The Nominating Committee will consist of the Board of Directors. Nominations are sought three to four months before the annual meeting.

Program/Sponsorship Committee

The Program Committee consist of the 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents and at least two (2) other active members. Members of this committee have the opportunity to plan all educational programs sponsored by VCA. Member duties include one or more of the following: make decision on number of programs for the year, suggest locations to the board, prepare program agenda, design annual conference brochures and flyers to incorporate the theme chosen for each meeting, select speakers, obtain sponsorship to support the program, attends the conference as a facilitator or a moderator, reviews and tallies evaluation forms.

Spotlight & Website & Development Committee

The Website and Development Committee consists of at least two (2) active members who are appointed by the President. All website and development issues will be handled by the committee. This includes updating the website, training new and old members on how to use the website, and making recommendations to the board on expansion/changes to the website.

Supplier Representatives

Veterans Liaison


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Membership with the VCA provides your company with many valuable benefits. We host educational and networking events each year with a large discount provided for our members. Supplier Members have the opportunity for advertising and sponsorships to promote their business.
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